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Visual 101 Manual - FOS Displays

Jessica Sousa
Happy Friday to our Awesome Team!!!! Toni and I would like to introduce you guys to a little teaser of the up and coming Visual Merchandising Basics Manual.  Please review directions and all images and provide any feedback you have.
• Choose your story
• Choose your composition (template)
• Choose the product to tell the focused story of choice
• Set your display

• Step back and look at the set display as a customer would experience it
• Check your sightlines, defined space and fixture placement

Questions to ask:
• Is your story focused? Can someone else tell you what the story is?
• Do you have the right color stories? Accents and focus
• Is the correct signage included?
• Are your forms dressed in a way the compliments your story and seasonally relevant?

• Overload your displays with product or props : Less is MORE
• Don’t have tags showing
• FOS does not use ANY promotional signage within the display keep that at the products home location
Composition #1Composition #2Composition #3Composition #4
Jessica Sousa
Visual Merchandising Coordinator